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Unplugg was specially designed for every company, from small startups to big companies, that want to implement forecasting algorithms in their energy solutions in a simple and fast way.

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Energy Focused Forecasting

Analyze historical energy consumption data to find patterns and predict future usage. With this newfound intelligence you can give your clients specific measures to improve their consumption habits., or go the distance and automate those tasks for them.

API First Approach

Keep the ownership of your data and your whole infrastructure and processes intact with a seamless installation, allowing you to rapidly implement, scale and develop new features with forecasting capabilities

Using Unplugg

See how Forecasting-as-a-Service can help you create more value in real-life application. See how Unplugg can help you forecast energy consumption, temperature in a room or the traffic of Internet Service Providers.

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Unplugg was specially designed for companies that want to implement energy forecasting algorithms in their solutions in a simple and fast way.

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