Add intelligence to your energy products

Add comfort to your customers' lives


State of the art machine learning models to turn energy data into relevant information.


Actionable insight over current consumption: which appliances are costing more and what they can do about it.


Accurately predict future behaviour, consumption patterns and appliance usage.

Know where energy is going

From raw consumption information, pinpoint which appliances are ON, at what time, and how much power they are using.
Keep tabs on the Past, know historical consumption patterns, and use them to accurately predict Future usage.

Embetter your clients' experience

Use your newfound intelligence to give more to your clients.
Let them know what they can do to improve their consumption habits. Or go the distance and automate those tasks for them.

Integrate without effort

No need for custom solutions and painful integration, just plug your data in and Unplugg will give you the answers.
With our Machine Learning-as-a-Service approach, you can keep creating data feeds and listening for results without hassle.

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